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Squad Goals

The ultimate party game.
Each card has a hilarious rule or instruction to follow.

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Game description

Squad Goals is a 180 card, party game that can be played with or without alcohol. Take turns drawing a card and completing the rules/instructions. Some effect the whole squad, where others only effect you.

You and your squad will be in fits of laughter from the first round until the last.

Do we need to drink alcohol?

Nope! The best thing is that you can play without needing to drink alcohol. Drink 0% beer, or orange juice, or water! It's your choice.

This isn't the kind of game that you need to be sloshed to enjoy.

The rules

  • Shuffle and place the deck in the middle of a table.
  • Each take turns drawing a card and reading it aloud.
  • If you fail, or forget to complete your card - drink!
  • Be prepared for side splitting humour and comedic chaos!

How many players

Squad Goals is designed for 4-8 players.

Some cards contain profanities so players should be 18 years old or older.

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The ultimate party game!

Shuffle the deck of 180 cards. Place them in the middle of a table and take turns drawing a card.

Every card has a rule or an instruction to follow. If you don't complete it, or forget- drink!


Hear what the squad are saying

  • "Fun for the whole family. Except small children and people who don't like a good time."

  • "I played it with a group of people that didn't really know each other. The best thing about it is the humour brought everyone together."

  • “I haven’t laughed that hard in years! Loved it! Can’t wait to play it again.”

How to play

Want to know what you're getting yourself into? View some of our card samples.


What is the Ice Breaker card?

When you open the box for the very first time, the first card in the deck is the Ice Breaker card. This card serves as as easy way to prepare your squad for the upcoming comedic chaos.

Starting with the oldest squad member, each player gives a 10 second introductory boast about themselves.

An example might be:

"Hi, I'm Reilly and I have created this card game. I also have a majestic beard and rugged good looks. I like chai latte's and long walks on the..."

Stop when your 10 seconds is up, so don't waffle on for too long.

How does the game start?

Start by shuffling the deck and placing it in the middle of the table. Complete the Ice Breaker card and then the oldest player in the squad draws the top card from the deck. They start by telling all of the squad what type of card it is and reading the card aloud. From there, each player takes turns drawing a card and reading it aloud.

How does the game work?

When its your turn, draw the top card from the deck. Tell the squad what type of card it is, read out the card and then complete the task or rule.

Some tasks need to be completed straight away where other tasks/rules need to be completed when you or another player does something.

How does the game end?

When either all of the cards have been completed, or when the squad is too drunk to continue to play.

How do you win?

When every card has been drawn, countdown from 3 and point to the player you think is the winner. The player with the most votes wins. The drunkest player comes second.

I don't drink alcohol. Can I still play?

Of course! There are multiple alternate ways to play Squad Goals. You could drink non-alcoholic drinks, have a teaspoon of hot sauce each time you fail/forget to complete your card, or do 10 pushups.

If any of your squad give you grief for not drinking booze, tell them to take a hike. Squad Goals is an inclusive game.

This is a cool game! How did you come up with it?

Oh man! Thanks for asking! It is the brain child of our creator Reilly. He created a similar game for he and his wife to play on their honeymoon. Albeit, it was an out-and-about version. Our second creator, Matt whipped up the 70's style graphics and the pair spent two years painstakingly perfecting each card until they settled on the majestic creation that you see before you.

...thanks for asking and for reading this far! For being such a nice friend use this code at checkout to score an extra few bucks off your order:

Is Squad Goals in stores?

Not at the moment. We're loving watching our online community grow. We might be in stores one day. Subscribe to our mailing list of you'd like to stay in touch to be the first to hear when we do.

How do we get in touch with you guys?

Feel free to bug us at if you have any dramas or want to tell us what you think of the game.