How to start

To start, complete the ‘Ice Breaker’ Squad Card. Shuffle the deck and place it face down in the middle of the squad. Take turns clockwise. The oldest player goes first.

When it’s your turn

  • Draw a card and read it aloud. Any card you draw must be placed face up in front of you and lasts until your next turn. Before you draw each turn, discard your old card.

    Squad Cards (White)
    Affect all players.

    Stitch Up Cards (Black)
    Only affect you.


When you pick up a card, tell the squad what type of card it is.

Squad Card or Stitch Up Card.

If you’re caught failing or forgetting to complete a card, drink.

If 2 tasks clash, complete the most recent.

Use the game box as the discard pile.

How to win

When every card has been drawn, countdown from 3 and point to the player you think is the winner. The player with the most votes wins.

The drunkest player comes second.

You can of course play this game without alcohol.